We've compiling all of our knowledge of meditation to bring you an awesome online program, where you'll learn to meditate all on your own. In this 10 day course, Marissa walks you through all the fundamentals of starting and sustaining your practice, so you can experience the joy of meditating.

"Meditation is no longer something I have to do in the morning, it’s something I can’t start my day without"

Sarah Rabideau

"I’m already an internationally known yoga teacher, and Marissa is who I can go to to just be a listener and a student. She provides clear, concise, welcoming and inclusive instructions and I always feel cared for. I’m honored to know and Love Marissa. The world is a better place because she exists in it."

Ceasar Barajas

"Marissa has been a wonderful resource for our employees since we started working from home. Marissa is so knowledgeable, and she has adapted her practice to fit our company's needs perfectly."

Atlantic Media

"I can honestly say that our office feels lucky to have Marissa and members of her team to guide us through meditation. I highly recommend working with her."

BAM Architecture Studio

Meditation makes life more fun

Founder and CEO, Marissa Cole, creates high-touch experiences for individuals seeking to kick-start or deepen their meditation practice. In our 10 session series, students learn the joy of meditating, how to keep a consistent practice, and the miracles of doing so.

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